We’re a design firm that is not just passionate about what we do… We’re a team of award-winning interior designers that are committed to translating our client’s personality into timeless and functional living and working spaces. Focusing on either modern, traditional, international or transitional styles, we can source the best products that will deliver the fresh look that our clients are searching for.



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As the founder and owner of The Design House, I’m in the perfect place to fulfill my life’s goals — to create an environment where happy, well-cared for individuals can thrive and do their best work. My interior design team consists of self-driven, talented professionals who are ready to help our clients translate their visions into inspiring spaces.

My passion for design dates back to my days as an interior designer in the “hot” Las Vegas market in early 2000. As I traveled through different careers, I find myself in my third chapter of life — back to what I really love, interior design.

When it comes to my personal style, I realize I have always been into fashion. I look at the trends but always focus on the ones that have longevity — the ones that are not necessarily over the top expensive but are always in style. This love of fashion helps explain my passion for interior design and my clients will reap the benefits of spaces that are considered always in fashion.

Finally, I am a passionate, kind and loving person who is a solid business leader and a proud mother of two amazing children — both who inspire me each and every day. I pledge that myself and my team will help you through the many challenges and obstacles of creating the perfect living or working space.



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For nearly three decades I have been creating designs that work for my clients. I believe listening is one of the most valuable design skills.

The art of living well is a value all clients hold dear, through that belief I design timeless, uniquely personal, and luxuriously comfortable spaces for my clients

I know that working with an Interior Designer is an intimate and exclusive experience, one that grows more rich over time. An integrated design process guarantees superior service, care, and relentless attention to detail for each and every project.

I strive to make clients quickly come to realize design is not a destination, but a journey of discovery.

I received my BFA of Interior Architecture, Cum-Lade, from Cornish College of Arts in Seattle. I am also professionally certified by the National Council for Interior Design Qualifications (NCIDQ). NCIDQ is the gold standard for excellence within the interior design field. I continue to expand my education in the field.

My repertory of vetted industry resources, with whom I collaborate with, such as: architects, structural engineers, landscape architects, tradesmen, craftsmen, artists, vendors, and workrooms ensures that my clients have a customized team of professionals for every step of their design process.



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I have always had a love for design. This was sparked from my childhood of moving around the country and being exposed to all different styles of architecture. These ever-changing styles always intrigued me and I wanted to be apart of creating that difference while making others happy. I translated this love I had when I was a young girl into my professional life, this ultimately led to me beginning a career in interior design over 15 years ago. My love of design began to influence my personal by sharing a passion for old homes with my husband. As a project, my husband and I renovated a 100 year-old house and restored it to its natural state. This led to me receiving an the Orchid Award by Preservation Idaho.

I moved to Idaho a little over 20 years ago with my husband and am happy to have made it the home for us and our two children. Boise has enthralled me and I’ve allowed myself to get immersed in the Boise community. Since moving here, I have been actively trying to give back to it. I have held three board positions for the Boise community. I am currently the president for Camp Rainbow Gold. Before serving this position, I also served 9 years on the board for Ballet Idaho and was the Gala chair for Fundsy. I take inspiration for my work from the community surrounding and all of the people I meet. As I continue to do work for The Design House, I will incorporate my knowledge of vast styles to best meet my clients needs because Boise has become a home to me, and I want to do the same for every person I meet.



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I got my start in interior design 11 years ago when I came to work at (then) Carol’s Design House. Since then I have lived in Florida and Hawaii with my husband who served in the US Navy for 6 years. While I was away, I attended Paul Mitchell The School and became a licensed cosmetologist.

In the ever changing world of design I find it important and exciting to be on the constant hunt for the most unique and current products for our clients.

I am very happy to be back in Boise and involved in the design community. I hope to bring my passion for travel and art to my work here at The Design House.



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A graduate of the New York Institute of Art and Design in Interior Design.

I like pretty things. I always have! Fashion, design, architecture, textiles, and colors! And my favorite place on earth is Paris!

As much as I’m creative through and through, I’m also very structured and enjoy schedules and organization. With a background in Dietetics from Idaho State University where I managed diets for patients for many years but found myself wanting to know more about the commercial side of the businesses…mostly design. In 2017, I began working closely with my husband on our boutique hotel, & restaurant in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, and our commercial & residential properties in Austin, Texas, and Boise, Idaho, designing and managing.

My current adventure with The Design House happens to be as an interior designer with a focus on creating exquisite spaces for guests and companies to create their own memories in, and feel at home when they are away from home. I especially love consulting and designing for hotel and Airbnb spaces. My passion is sharing the power of beautiful interiors that spark joy. When guests feel wonderful in a space you have created, you have given them a gift.

A little more about me: I’m married to my wonderful husband Bill and have 3 sons, 1 daughter, and a mini labradoodle. Life is good!



After meeting my husband, getting married, and eventually having our first baby girl in 2019 we decided to take our little family to Boise Idaho to raise our sweet Channing.

I had lived in California pretty much my whole life and was a professional hairstylist before making what felt like the biggest leap of my life. When I’m not soaking up all I can from these moments in motherhood, I’m enjoying my yoga practice and traveling with my husband and family. I love design and creating, whether it’s in the kitchen, at a salon, or on a social media platform, it’s all art to me and I love it.



Hi, I’m Mandi!

I was born and raised in Pocatello, Idaho, and now live in the North End of Boise.

I love traveling, spending time with family, my dog and friends…not in that particular order, and 3D puzzles!

I got my start in design while working on several construction projects with my dad and fell in love with the organization, details, and design aspects of each venture. I also have my cosmetology license and enjoy being behind the chair and taking care of my clients.

As the Resource Manager for The Design House, I pride myself on organization and finding unique products and textiles for the companies’ designers. Not only is It exciting and rewarding but challenging and I am always learning something new.

I love all the designers I work with and I know you will as well!



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I love numbers. Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration/Accounting from San Diego State University and four decades of accounting experience in a variety of accounting roles, I have found a work home at The Design House. My role as Office Administrator allows me the unique opportunity of being the company accountant, as well as creating and implementing structure and policy.

After spending 30 years in the high-tech industry in Southern California, including 12 years as the President/COO of IMC Networks, I ventured to a new industry, Interior Design. Since many of the principles used to manage or drive the financial side of any business apply, I have been fortunate to use my many years of accounting and business management experience to support the continued success of The Design House.

A designer I am not, although a beautiful balance sheet or monthly financial report is a thing of beauty for any accountant, I am always amazed with the results our designers achieve. Seeing their creativity, energy and dedication to their clients only makes my job that more rewarding.

With my best friend/wife Robin of 30 years, we raised 3 amazingly gifted and beautiful children. We are empty-nesters, with the exception of our fur-babies (labs), Gracie and Murphy. Baseball will always be my passion, having played through community college. After coaching little league for 17 years, I have a difficult time passing a baseball field with a game being played and not wanting to stop and watch!